KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder
KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder
KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder
KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder
KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder
KD-850 Planetary Concrete Grinder

Item specifics

Rotating speed



Product/User Benefits:
Increased productivity and grinding performance
Easy handling thanks to ergonomic control elements, fixed speed as well as low noise and vibration levels
Fatigue-proof working and reduction of side forces because of outstanding machine balance
Maximum durability and load capacity due to very robust construction
Impressive mobility as well as trouble-free transportation thanks to detachable machine parts
Time saving patented quick tool fixing system
Dust-free operation because of floating cover in combination with reliable dust collection system

Fields of applications:
Grinding concrete/epoxy floor/ solidified floor/ terrazzo floor /granite floor /natural marble floor /diamond abrasion resistant floor /self leveling cement,etc ,places requiring surface treatment
Removal of paint, epoxy, glue and other coatings from concrete
Preparation of concrete for installation of new flooring/coating
Elimination of irregularities in concrete
Repair of damaged concrete
Sealing preparation
Renovation works

Product Features:
1.Four grinding discs adopt gear-to-turn transmission design
2.The main plate and the planet disk are driven independently to ensure the flatness of the ground
3.Ground grinding can estimate the workload of one day and facilitate the development of construction plans
4.One-button cruise control, drive control system automatically walks, liberating labor safe and efficient
5.Set parameters to ensure the working speed of the grinder and the stability of the grinding pressure to achieve precise grinding
6.Integrated integrated control system design, with universal wheel system, reducing labor intensity and improving construction efficiency
7.Large industrial vacuum cleaner can be configured to achieve dry and wet floor grinding mode
8.Set the walking speed of the grinder to realize the ramping of the up and down slope
9.One-piece laser cutting aluminum alloy gear box, the device weight 588KG achieves fast and efficient grinding
10.Intelligent technology dust-free grinding, responding to the strategic layout of national environmental protection policies