KD-100 Epoxy Concrete Floor Crack Repair Agent
KD-100 Epoxy Concrete Floor Crack Repair Agent



Concrete repair agent is a product specially designed to repair ground cracks and pores. It is a water-based environmentally friendly liquid. It has a good repairing effect on new and old ground cracks and holes, but many customers do not use the concrete repair agent because the method is not satisfactory. Next, let me introduce the correct use of concrete repair agents.
Clean the concrete surface and fully wet it with water, but the surface must not have clear water. Apply a concrete repair agent to the area to be repaired with a brush (or roller) to allow the repair agent to fully penetrate the hole. The concrete repair agent and cement (or the appropriate pigment according to the color of the concrete) are mixed into a repair mortar in a ratio of 1:2-4 (according to the size of the defective hole, appropriate addition of fine sand and crushed stone aggregate). The repaired mortar is filled into the hole of the concrete, compacted and leveled, slightly higher than the concrete surface, and the repaired mortar is now used, and the cement is used up before the initial setting. Natural health for more than 24 hours.
Product traits: aqueous solution, milky white, odorless, non-combustible, environmentally friendly, safe.
Construction Program:
Process 1: Taikeng hole repair and cleaning
Use a corner grinder with a wire brush to clean the large potholes, and after grinding off the loose sand, use a brush to apply KAIDA repair fluid to wet the pit damage.
Process 2.: Ratio
The powder is 425 cement: quartz sand 1:1, liquid material: powder 1:3, stirred to a paste, poured into a pothole, compacted and calendered.
Process 3.: Small pothole repair
After the repair of the big pothole, the surface has strength and repair the remaining small potholes.
Process 4: rough grinding the ground
The ground is polished with a metal grinding disc. After 50#, 150# is finished, the surface is washed with water to dry the surface dirt, and sucked up with a water aspirator.
Step 5: Spreading
When the ground is wet, sprinkle a small amount of 425 cement powder on the ground surface.
Step 6: Repair
The KAIDA repair solution is sprayed on the ground with a watering can, and the surface grout is polished with a resin grinding disc with a sander. The liquid is sprinkled with the grinding.
Process 7: Clean up
After 24 hours, the 150# resin plate was sanded with water, and then the KAIDA curing operation was performed.