KD-200 White Black Dyed Concrete Floors Pigment Cement Pigment Colors
KD-200 White Black Dyed Concrete Floors Pigment Cement Pigment Colors
KD-200 White Black Dyed Concrete Floors Pigment Cement Pigment Colors



Product Description:
KAIDA colored concrete sealing solidified floor is a colored floor formed by the combination of concrete sealing curing agent and floor dyeing agent, which is the development trend of concrete floor. It solves the drawback that the concrete seal curing agent has no color for a long time. Improve the aesthetics and fashion of the floor. At the same time, various advantages of the concrete seal curing agent floor are retained.
The color seal curing agent floor construction is the same as the seal curing agent floor construction procedure. It is only a step of inserting one-step color feeding during the construction process of the concrete sealing curing agent. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient construction. At the same time, the dyeing agent is fully absorbed and combined with concrete after construction. The dyed floor can have the same life as the concrete floor. As long as the floor is not damaged, the floor dyeing effect will remain the same, always as new.
KAIDA has unique technical advantages in floor dyeing. Based on years of construction experience, we develop new environmentally friendly dye products that are non-toxic, tasteless, harmless to the human body, strong in penetration, resistant to UV rays and weathering, stable in color tone, and utilized. Artificial dyeing of chaotic concrete, terrazzo, emery, cement floor, etc., can make concrete and other products more colorful, can penetrate 3-5 mm and concrete, permanently do not fade, and can avoid the problem caused by epoxy resin falling off Not beautiful.
Basic colors such as red, green, yellow, black, and blue can also be used to prepare other colors as required.
Product Role:
The dyeing agent is combined with the concrete sealing curing agent, and the sealing and solidifying effect creates conditions for the polishing of the concrete floor, which is the smooth and bright effect of the polished floor; the hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance of the concrete floor are improved. Anti-seepage and anti-pollution, dust-proof according to dust, anti-weathering, crack, anti-freeze and thaw.
The dyeing effect can permanently decorate the concrete floor, greatly improve the environment of landscaping and optimize the life and work, and has a certain opacity. It is also possible to differentiate the floor into functional areas of different colors, and to create various beautiful patterns including the company logo.
Instructions for use:
1. Please do not cover the area in advance to protect the area;
2. Make sure the concrete floor is completely dry before dyeing;
3. Spray or roll the dye evenly on the surface of the dry concrete, followed by repeated lifting with a short-haired drum or dust until the surface material is absorbed (apply about 8-10 square meters / L, according to the ground) Adjust the color shade accordingly);
4. Naturally maintain to the dyed ground completely dry (conventional 12 hours or more), in case of high humidity, poor ventilation, low temperature and other unconventional environments, the curing time should be extended appropriately;
5. Grind the ground with a 1000-mesh resin refiner with a grinder to clean the surface.
6. The second dyeing was carried out by the same method for secondary dyeing, and the ground was rubbed with a 3000-mesh resin abrasive.
7. Dry the dyed surface with a scouring pad to remove surface floating and dust;
8. Ensure that the surface is clean, cooperate with KAIDA environmental protection glaze, and use high-burning machine to tell the polished surface to enhance the dyeing effect.