Special Decorative Surface System

Special Decorative Surface System

Special Decorative Surface System

KAIDA Special Decorative Surface System

KAIDA fast and strong decorative surface material is a high-quality, innovative special technology-based cement-based decorative surface material that can achieve high strength, durability and no shrinkage in the early stage. KAIDA fast and extra strong decorative surface material has a certain fluidity, the working time is 30 minutes, 2-3 hours can be rejuvenated. Grinding and polishing can be carried out within 24 hours of paving. The thickness is from 4 mm to 35 mm. KAIDA's fast and strong decorative surface materials can be used in a wide variety of colors. It is also possible to achieve a better appearance by throwing decorative aggregates (eg glass, marble). For a variety of options, it is recommended to set up an experimental area on site to conduct experiments, combined with a dense curing agent, through different polishing processes, to obtain matt, medium brightness and high light effects.

Construction Area:

KAIDA Fast and Extra Strength Decorative Finish is a versatile product that is ideal, unique and can be creatively designed for unique, uniquely designed spaces, hotels, public halls, museums, administrative buildings and all others. The decorative area is used indoors and outdoors as well as in humid environments.

Color (natural color):

KAIDA's fast hard and strong decorative facing materials can be dyed and tinted. The final effect of the floor surface depends on the design and construction process; it can be creatively designed.

KAIDA Fast and Extra Strong Decorative Surface Material Construction Process

Grassroots preparation:

The base layer should have a bearing capacity to remove contaminants, surface shedding layers and loose debris. The bonding strength is at least 1.5 N/mm 2 . Reference can be made to the DIN 18365 and DIN 18560 documents. The basement floor must be slit and used for in-situ tiles and stone surfaces.

Interface processing:

Use qualified epoxy as primer, sand and quartz sand, such as 0.5-1.0mm

Stirring and construction:

Use qualified mixing equipment such as Hippo Mixer. Avoid entering a lot of air during the mixing process. A bag of 22.7 kg TRUTM fast hard extra strong decorative facing material is mixed with 4.3 liters of water. Stir for 3-5 minutes to ensure uniformity. Ensure that the construction temperature is above +100C, and then apply TRUTM fast and extra strong decorative mortar on the base layer for interface treatment and preparation, at least 4mm thickness. KAIDA fast and extra strong decorative mortar has automatic leveling and leveling performance in 15 minutes. The measuring instrument is used during the construction process to ensure the uniformity of the whole material. Use a standard roller to drive off the air. TRUTM with a thickness of >35mm must be added with quartz sand or the like.


Under normal circumstances, +200C does not require water maintenance. It is best to use water mist protection in areas that are particularly dry, windy, hot or sunny to increase the strength of the TRUTM surface.

Sealing and polishing:

Polishing can be carried out within 24 hours after paving. KAIDA's fast and strong decorative surface can throw high-gloss ground. The dense curing agent with good construction performance during the polishing process can improve the chemical resistance of the floor, prolong the service life to achieve waterproof and dustproof, and optimize the surface effect. Therefore, TRUTM is a designable floor that is easy to maintain, durable and wear resistant.