Non-fire Floor System

Non-fire Floor System

Non-fire Floor System

About of Non-fire Floor Systeim

“No fire” means that the object does not produce sparks when it is rubbed or impacted. The phenomenon of ignition is the same as that caused by static sparks. In high-risk places such as oil and gas, chemical flammable products and other factories and warehouses, it is easy to cause explosions and fires. The non-flame and wear-resistant floor material of KAIDA floor system of Shanghai Naifu Floor Engineering Co., Ltd. is composed of non-flame flame retardant mineral aggregate, special cement and various special additives. It has non-flammable and anti-static functions and high Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance, strong decoration, easy construction, no dust, no impact caused by impact or friction, good construction effect (flat and smooth).

Product Manual

KAIDA metal composite non-combustion floor is a national patented floor material, which combines wear-resistance and non-ignition function and effectively saves cost. The material is formulated by special metal aggregate and cement mixed with various additives. On the general concrete surface, the new technology is used to synchronize with the concrete surface to form a whole body with the concrete, which becomes an industrial floor with wear resistance and impact resistance. And after anti-rust treatment, it has the function of preventing rust and collision and not firing.

Product Performance

1, anti-static does not ignite, high hardness and toughness, general impact resistance, anti-static, no fire, high hardness and toughness, general impact resistance, general impact resistance;

2. High surface density, good impermeability and anti-corrosion;

3. higher wear resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, tensile strength, no shrinkage, no cracking, high surface

density, good impermeability, anti-corrosion;

4. frost resistance - 80 ° C, no shrinkage, no cracking, heat resistance +200 ° C, no shrinkage and not cracking;

5. anti-oil seepage, salt and alkali resistance, weak acid resistance, high surface density, good impermeability, anti-corrosion surface density, good impermeability, anti-corrosion surface density, good impermeability, anti-rust.

Advantages And Features

Have a non-fire function

Synchronous construction with concrete can greatly save the construction period

Burning level is A1

Applicable Places for Non-fire Floor

1. Petrochemical (gasoline diesel liquefied gas station, refinery workshop, fine chemical workshop, coal hydrogen plant workshop, ethylbenzene-styrene plant)

2. Aviation (assembly inspection workshop, electroplating plant, maintenance warehouse, painting warehouse)

3. Aerospace (missile, satellite launching base, satellite testing center plant, missile test library, wind tunnel test plant)

4. Military industry (tank armored garage, projectile loading plant, propellant testing workshop)

5. Civil explosion industry (fire factory rooms, explosives, thunderbolts, detonating warehouses, corridor tunnels, etc.)

6. Medicine (extraction workshop, synthesis workshop, fermentation workshop, dangerous goods warehouse, etc.)

7. Electronic instruments, instrument production workshops, etc.

8. Special requirements for anti-static, non-flammable places (such as: sensitive gases such as hydrogen and oxygen, production workshops for sensitive explosives, warehouses, etc.)

9. Applicable to the old concrete ground explosion-proof renovation project