A great way to repair a cement base

A great way to repair a cement base


Some people love the plain industrial floor alone; others love the colorful art floor; and I love this simple but not simple concrete base floor.

A great way to repair a cement base
Some people love the plain industrial floor alone;others love the colorful art floor;and I love this simple but not simple concrete base floor.


In the past,the cement base floor was mostly used for industrial floors.Now,due to its simple and individual design style,it is popular with the public,so it has been used in a variety of occasions.The gray tone concrete floor has been given new vitality.Walking on such a simple and simple floor is like walking on a contemporary piece of art.


Now more and more fields are applied to the cement base floor,but when the favorite cement base floor is injured,should we repair it?

Essential Products for Repairing Cement Base Floor——Cement Base Floor Crack Repair Agent

Product Advantages:

Cement base crack repair agent is a solvent-free,safe and environmentally-friendly water-based product.After curing,it is abrasion-resistant and has certain toughness.It can bear a certain weight.It is simple to construct and easy to operate.

Construction Process

The irregular cracks need to be cut and grooved first,and then the waste slurry in the cutting slits is cleaned up.The crack surface must be firm,clean and free of loose particles.

Next,first coat the polymer polymer crack repair emulsion A on the ground(about 0.2KG/square dosage),and when it is not completely dry,apply the polymer polymer crack repair emulsion B and mortar(1:4))Stir with a slow electric drill and fill it into the gap.Use a scraper to scrape the excess material and flatten the surface.

After the construction is completed,the tools must be cleaned with water immediately.


Special crack repair-turtle crack repair

1.Clean the ground to be repaired,and then use a multifunctional grinder to install 50 mesh and 150 mesh wet ground surfaces to clean the mud.

2.Dry the ground with a 300-mesh resin abrasive sheet,pour an appropriate amount of polymer polymer concrete crack repair emulsion on the ground,and install a 300-mesh resin abrasive sheet with a grinder to grind the ground at low speed.The fine mud is mixed and filled into the cracks of the turtle to achieve the purpose of repair.

3.Clean and repair the ground.After the ground is dry,apply concrete seal curing agent and polish with 500,800,1500,and 2000 mesh resin abrasives,respectively.


The minimalist concrete base floor,combined with the minimalist concrete,is a unique flavor.But when there are small flaws,you must fix them in time~