Basal plane, basal plane, basal plane, say so many times you still make mistakes

Basal plane, basal plane, basal plane, say so many times you still make mistakes

Basal plane, basal plane, basal plane, say so many times you still make mistakes
The ground conditions play a significant role in the quality of the final epoxy millstone floor. If the ground conditions fail to meet the requirements, the epoxy millstone cannot achieve the desired effect, and such epoxy millstone floors are in use. Shelling, peeling, and blistering often occur during the process. Therefore, good ground conditions are a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of epoxy millstone floors.

In order to give full play to the overall aesthetic performance of the epoxy millstone floor and the characteristics of wear resistance, dust resistance, and anti-permeability, the reasonable treatment of the grassroots is an important part of the entire construction process.

In large-area seamless concrete floors, some sub-slots and construction joints are set up to facilitate construction, and these construction joints often form cracks for some reasons.

To deal with such cracks, sandblasting or vacuum grinding treatment and vacuuming are needed. When all cracks are completely displayed, the construction joint is opened with a 45-degree V-notch and repaired and leveled with epoxy mortar.

Another kind of ground is the existence of empty drums and weak points. When I deal with the ground surface, I first need to test the concrete base to find the empty drums and local weak points. According to the area and thickness of the hollow drum and local weak parts, choose the appropriate repair method.
If the area is large and the thickness is deep, cement mortar needs to be used for repair, but this will affect a certain time.

In addition to the above ground problems, we also cannot avoid a problem that occurs in the later stage. This is the oil stains on the surface of the formation. This can be polished with high-efficiency degreasing agent to clean the fiber. Meet construction requirements.

For the deeper penetration of oil pollution, only the contaminated part can be completely removed, and then new concrete or epoxy resin repair mortar can be added. For other pollutants, different cleaning agents should be used for cleaning or mechanical removal of different stains.

A good ground floor is an important guarantee for the construction of epoxy millstone flooring. The performance of epoxy millstone flooring will be better when the base surface is properly handled. With the mosaic pattern, the art of epoxy millstone flooring will be better. Ornamental and practical are perfectly combined.