How to construct colored permeable concrete floor?

How to construct colored permeable concrete floor?

How to construct colored permeable concrete floor?
Color permeable concrete is more and more popular because of its environmental protection and decoration. Today, I will introduce the construction process of color permeable concrete.


The colored permeable concrete is a dry concrete material, and the initial setting is quick, and the paving must be timely. For large-area construction, paving materials should be used in the form of compartments. Use a ruler to find the flatness and control a certain degree of flooding. Manually paving is used to make the paving as uniform as possible, and then choose a roller to compact. After the first round of compaction is completed, the filling material should be manually replaced in time for the obvious depression, and then compacted.


Colored permeable concrete requires higher flatness. After the concrete is compacted, the permeable concrete surface is leveled with a leveler. For defects that cannot be received locally, it is repaired with a manual spatula to keep the surface of the joints flat when leveling .


The colored permeable concrete floor is similar to the ordinary concrete floor. When the temperature is high, in order to reduce the evaporation of moisture, plastic film is used for covering and curing. The curing time is not less than 14 days to maintain moisture. Watering can also be used for curing, and all curing periods must be no less than 7 days, which gradually increases the intensity during the curing period.


After 14 days of curing the concrete, a cutting machine is used to perform the slitting construction. After the slitting is completed, the bitumen is used as the caulking material to embed the slit.

Surface protection

After the surface concrete has been molded and dried for about 3 days, a transparent sealant is sprayed to prevent the pores of the colored permeable concrete from being contaminated and blocking the pores for a long time, which enhances the impact resistance and decoration of the permeable concrete surface. Before spraying, the surface of the permeable concrete must be dry. If there is a part that is not dry, spraying with a protective agent is not allowed to avoid the effect of uniform spraying due to water stains.

The color permeable concrete floor is a layer of floor material that is covered with a layer of thin slurry and is bonded to each other to form a honeycomb floor. And colorful, fused with nature, making the urban environment construction more harmonious.